Welcome to the JAR-Association

Justice Administration Research

Our Aim

We seek to promote multidisciplinary research and exchanges of experience in the field of justice administration from a variety of perspectives (institutional, legal, political science, economics, organizational, managerial, etc.) and on a wide range of topics, i.e. judiciary professions, courts’ management, rules of procedure, and so on. We aim to function as a platform for the cross-national exchange of information and resources, developing and conducting theoretical, empirical, and comparative studies, promoting education and training programs, and disseminating research results and project evaluations.

What we do

  • Encourage and support exchanges – in webinars, seminars and conferences – between researchers and justice administration professionals (judges, public prosecutors, court administrators, experts involved in international cooperation projects, ICT specialists, etc.)
  • Exchange and disseminate information and resources (including studies, research, practices, and innovative policies) relevant to the study of judicial administration.
  • Promote training and education on the administration of justice
  • Participate in expert activities in collaboration with international, European, national, or regional institutions in the field of the administration of justice
  • Support and enhance research projects and studies in justice administration and related fields
  • Develop research and advice with input from academics and practitioners in the justice sector.